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First of all, all articles in english will be tagged with the word “english” so that they are easy to find. I choose not to use an automatic translator on the norwegian posts because sometimes the output is so bad… But, if you want to read the norwegian ones as well, feel free to use google translate 🙂

So, what is this and who am I?

My name is Merete and I was born late at night on the 11th of march 1981. I grew up right outside Bergen, Norway together with more or less 500 habitants on the island Huftarøy, Austevoll. To make a long story short:

I have my fair share of baggage and although relatively young I had experienced more than I might would have needed to. But for the last few years things have been good, although a lot has happened on the inside. It is not so easy to explain, but it isn´t really important either. The point is that I basically woke up one morning and realized one of the many cliches of life: Only I can live my life. So I made a choice. Where I end up and where I´m going I don´t know yet, but in the process I decided to leave all obligations in Oslo, where I have lived for the last 7 years, and go out and see the world. And I was filled with this calm peace of heart and I understood the following: I am hooked, hooked on life! Everything that is fun, sad, beautiful, painful, awesome and thrilling… Life consists of ALL the moments, not just the ones we brag about, but we have to stop and feel – and accept those moments.

So this page has room for them all; the sad and the hard stuff, but also the good and happy stuff that makes you laugh so hard your stomach aches!

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Hookedonlife was an expression that I “invented” (to be honest it is just a translation from norwegian to english, while I was sitting at the beach in Spain, high on sand in my hair and the salty sea taste in my mouth… Because life is beautiful if you just look for the beauty – and as long as one choose to rise up again.


Dette er altså meg

– Merete



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