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Hi,  welcome to hookedonlife and thank you for visiting!

First of all, all articles in english will be tagged with the word “english” so that they are easy to find. I choose not to use an automatic translator on the norwegian posts because sometimes the output is so bad… But, if you want to read the norwegian ones as well, feel free to use google translate 🙂

So, what is this and who am I?

My name is Merete, I am married to Marte and I have the bonus son Oliver (2006) and the twins Amèlie and Olai (2017).

This site started off as a tribute to life, as I had put a few rough years behind me and was starting with clean sheets by doing an around the world trip in 2014. I did my trip, learned a lot and got to travel both physically but also made an important journey within myself, trying to find out what and who I am and what kind of a person I want to be.

Since then I have married Marte, had the pleasure of becoming a mom and life has changed – BIGTIME. But I am still the same soul seeking girl who will never stop crying happy tears when hearing the national anthem or when the cars stop to let the ambulance or fire truck pass… I am easily moved, and I am all about stuff being for real. I accept that life can be hard, and I believe we can always learn from rough times. I also believe that life can be ridiculously fantastic, if we stop up and allow ourselves to feel it.

And this website has room it them all; the sad and the hard stuff, but also the good and happy stuff that makes you laugh so hard your stomach aches!

Feel free to follow on facebook, and get updates from the site. And if you feel like contributing please share by sending an e-mail to post@hookedonlife.no.

Hookedonlife was an expression that I “invented” (to be honest it is just a translation from norwegian to english, while I was sitting at the beach in Spain, feeling “high” on sand in my hair and the salty sea taste in my mouth… Because life is beautiful if you just look for the beauty – and as long as one chooses to rise back up after a fall…


– Merete



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